Andrew’s Distributed Systems Blog


I am a senior software engineer with an interested for large scale distributed systems in the platform/infrastructure space. My current interests really center around databases, streaming platforms, workflow engines, and other systems which at their core are responsible for data management.

I am starting this blog as a place to record my learnings about distributed systems. For the foreseeable future each blog post will center around some interesting technology in industry.

Upcoming Posts

  • Spanner: Highly available, externally consistent, horizontally scalable database from Google.

Technologies to Write About

  • Cadence

In order to find more things to write about and as a starting point to understand technologies I can use the following resources

For each one of these technologies fundamentally there are three questions I want to try to answer.

What problem does it solve?

  1. What is the problem space?

How is it built?

  1. What is the high level architecture?

What can we learn from it?

  1. What did this system do well?


While right now I want this blog to focus on technologies in industry, there are several topics I am interested in that do not fit squarely into the above framework. The following is a brain dump of things for me to explore and potentially write posts about.

  • SWIM protocol

Senior software engineer with an interest in building large scale infrastructure systems.